Daily Itinerary


Day 1: Welcome introductions, program & vessel orientation, sailboat anatomy lesson

Day 2: Intro to Sailing, Intro to Oceanography & Climate Change, PADI SCUBA training dives

Day 3: Sailing Rules of the Road, Biological Oceanography, PADI SCUBA training dives, snorkel

Day 4: Navigation I, Population Biology, PADI SCUBA checkout dives (Dives 1-2)

Day 5: Navigation II, Coral Reef Ecology, PADI SCUBA checkout dives (Dives 3-4)

Day 6: Marine Electronics, Fish Diversity/Anatomy, Fish identification exercise (Dive 5 + snorkel)

Day 7: Boat Design & History of Sail, Invertebrate (reef critter) Diversity/ Anatomy, Reef critter identification exercises (Dive 6)

Day 8: Seamanship, Fisheries Management, Fish Age & Growth, day ashore exploring and barrier reef snorkeling

Day 9: Celestial Navigation I, Protected & Endangered Species, Recruitment, Artificial Reefs (Dive 7)

Day 10: Celestial Navigation II, Human Impacts on Marine Environment, night dive (Dive 8), nature hike

Day 11: Advanced Knots, Animal Behavior, Observations for your experiment (Dive 9)

Day 12: Mutiny! Students take over the vessel, designing experiments, conducting underwater experiments (Dive 10)

Day 13: Mutiny! Conducting underwater experiments (Dive 11), Looking at experimental results, final exams

Day 14: Pack, swab, sadly say farewells, and depart