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Marine Science And Nautical Training Academy
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    The MANTA program is being offered for course credit through the College of Charleston (CofC). An additional application is required from CofC and can be found at The MANTA program fees do not include CofC tuition. Tuition information can be found at If you are not currently a College of Charleston student, you can still register for the MANTA program through CofC to gain CofC credits and transfer them to your home institution. See the "Visiting Students" section on the To transfer credits from CofC to your home university, contact your home university to discuss their process for transferring credits.
    No prerequisite coursework is required to enroll in this course as BIOL 250/250L. Depending on your major, coursework completed, and GPA, you may be eligible to register for BIOL 453/453L.
    *Current GPA
    *College Major
    If undecided major, which majors are you considering
    *List of biology, marine biology, environmental science courses that you will have completed before this trip.
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    *If SCUBA certified, what was the certifying organization (e.g., PADI, NAUI)
    In 5 sentences or less, describe why you want to enroll in MANTA's program and what do you hope to gain from the experience
    A recommendation may be required before acceptance into the MANTA program. While the MANTA program is a unique experience, it is physically, socially and academically challenging. Please identify a professor that can provide a recommendation for you, and they may be contacted.
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