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    Student Merit/Eligibility Information

    *Do you have parent's approval to participate in the MANTA program
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    *List of Science Courses Taken
    *List of Extracurricular Activities
    *Do you intend to go to college
    *If so, what majors are you considering
    *Level of SCUBA certification (no experience necessary)
    *If SCUBA certified, what was the certifying organization (e.g., PADI, NAUI)
    *In 5 sentences or less, describe why you want to enroll in MANTA's program and what do you hope to gain from the experience
    A recommendation is necessary before acceptance into the MANTA program. While the MANTA program is a unique experience, it is physically, socially and academically challenging. Please identify a professor that will provide a recommendation for you. We will contact them using the information you provide below and ask them to complete a short reference form.
    Recommending Teacher Information

    *Have you asked your teacher if they are willing to give you a recommendation
    *Teacher's Full Name
    *Teacher's Affiliation (e.g., School Name)
    *How do you know this teacher (e.g., biology teacher, sport's coach)
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