MANTA Collaborators/Donors

MANTA, and its alumni, greatly appreciate all the support we receive through various collaborators and donors!  The following have generously contributed to MANTA through money, goods, services, and/or collaborations. WE THANK YOU!MANTA donors and sponsors

MANTA Boat Donations

MANTA is beyond grateful for those who have helped make the operations of this non-profit possible through generous boat donations!  We are SO APPRECIATIVE, we THANK YOU for your donations to the Marine science And Nautical Training Academy-MANTA and for the yacht brokers who work with MANTA to help make these donations possible!

Donated Sailboat, The “Yahooo” a 2006 Southerly 135, 46 feet variable draft. Listed for sale on YachtWorld

Donated Sailboat, The “Ru’Ah” a 1980 Bristol 45.5 Aft Cockpit, 45 feet 11 ft draft.

Donated Sailboat, The “Orcella” a 1974 Franz Maas 76, 76 feet 10 ft draft.

Donated Sailboat, The “Golden Daze” a 1986 Endeavour 33, 32 feet.