SCUBA Training with MANTA

elearningAs part of the MANTA experience, you can earn your PADI Open Water or Advanced scuba diving certification. If you are a Divemaster candidate, ask about the possibility of completing your PADI Divemaster internship during your MANTA cruise. MANTA is an official PADI dive boat, and offers students the opportunity to complete their classroom training for either the Open Water or Advanced courses through PADI’s e-learning center. These online knowledge development sessions, videos, and assessments teach you the fundamental concepts you need to be a proficient and safe diver. This classroom work is completed at home on your own schedule prior to departing for the Caribbean. This means we spend less time doing book work during our trip, leaving more time for exploring the coral reefs!

Register for PADI e-learning with MANTA

The online course should take 10-12 hours to complete, so depending on your available time, you should begin and complete this course during the two weeks or so prior to departure. Once you complete the online course, you can always go back online and review material. Here’s what you need to do register

  1. Click on the PADI e-learning banner below to automatically go to MANTA’s area within the PADI e-learning center. You can also go to, select Online Courses, and manually select MANTA as the dive center you would like to affiliate with
  2. Under Online Courses select Open Water, or if you have already been certified as an open-water diver, select Advanced
  3. At the Login screen, go to the bottom and select Sign up for new PADI online account
  4. After you fill in your information, read through the statement below
  5. The Medical Statement form they talk about here is important. Download, print, and fill out this form. If you answer “NO” to all questions on this form then you are not required to get a physical from a doctor. If you answer “YES” to any of the medical conditions on this form then you must have a physical examination by a doctor before you can dive. Bring this entire form to the doctor and have them perform a physical and sign off on the portion of the form designated for the physician. The supplemental material toward the end of this form is for the doctors reference.
  6. You also need to download, print, and fill out the Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement
  7. Click at the bottom to continue once you are finished
  8. If you did not navigate to the PADI e-learning site via the link on MANTA’s webpage, then next you will need to select your dive training center. Enter in Charleston, SC in the location search box. A map will come up, and a list below where MANTA will appear. Click SELECT THIS DIVE CENTER
  9. Finally, fill in your method of payment for the online training module and submit. This is a separate fee of $120. If MANTA provided you with a coupon code, you can enter this in place of payment
  10. Now you will simply follow the prompts and instructions to begin your SCUBA knowledge development! There are a series of videos, instruction, quizzes, and reviews to make sure you understand the material. You can stop, save your place, and restart the training between modules. This is a performance based learning system, so if you don’t pass an exam the first time, you will receive additional instructions and guidance and then be allowed to try again. Since you affiliated with MANTA on the PADI website, you can direct questions directly to MANTA instructors through the PADI website, and we can monitor your progress and performance through the course. Once you’re finished, you’ll print out your records and bring them with you along with the Medical Statement and Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding. We will perform one additional assessment (a quiz) once you arrive in the islands to make sure you grasp the most important points and retained what you learned online. Pay very close attention and learn everything you can! This information will make you a better and safer diver and maximize your enjoyment too!!!