Scholarships and Financial Aid

MANTA will offer scholarships to help fund the participation of students in our educational program. Funding for these scholarship awards is made possible through government or foundation grants or private and corporate donations. Depending on applicant pools and available funding, this may include a combination of full or half scholarships that pay for the enrollment fees.

Eligibility for scholarships will be based on a combination of merit and financial need. High school and/or college GPA, participation and performance in science curriculum and other science related activities, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and community involvement will constitute the basis for evaluation of merit. Financial need will be determine using standard criteria adopted by universities (e.g. parents adjusted net income, financial assets and liabilities, etc). The number of grants awarded annually will depend on the amount of external and internal funding available for that year.

Applications will be accepted during a term extending from 10 months before the program begins to 1 month before the program begins. Official transcripts (high school or college) will be required from all applicants. Official SAT, GRE, or other similar standardized tests results will be required where applicable. If the terms of the grant award are violated then the balance of the program fee must be paid in full by the student. For example if students are expelled from the program due to behavioral misconduct or participation in illegal activities of any kind then they are in violation of the terms of the grant.