Is A Boat Donation Right for Me?

How do you decide whether donating your boat is right for you? We want you to make an informed decision that you will be comfortable with, so MANTA has worked with tax specialists to develop a software utility that conducts a cost/benefit analysis comparing the financial benefits of doing a boat donation today versus putting your boat on the market. You enter some basic information about the value of your boat, the cost of continued ownership, and what you pay in taxes, and you will be provided with the bottom line for what you would save on your taxes, and how that compares to the net proceeds from selling your boat across a range of prices and months required to close the deal. An example output of the cost/benefit analysis is provided below. To weigh your options based on your specific scenario, click here: Yacht Donation vs. Sale Scenarios

In addition to the common sense factors discussed above, donating your boat to MANTA will have a tremendous impact on the lives of young people who are searching for their path in life. Visit our website for more information about our educational programs, research goals, and student testimonials. If you value our oceans and the education and improvement of our youth, watching your boat turn into a floating research platform and classroom will certainly offer you a sense of satisfaction that transcends the dollars and cents.